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InnerCity POP is a revenue referral service created by MURRELLI IP to connect your company to buyers we meet in the digital front doors of four websites. Search engines bring them. They arrive with Intent to Purchase having used specific keywords to get to us. As in the photo, people are always looking for something. They prefer to get help from humans not Machines!

Our InnerCity POP service works like this.

  • We run a human assisted Help Desk to support users.
  • Buyers arrive. They ask for want referrals and advice.
  • They are motivated to #buyblack.
  • They are any and everyone you can imagine.
  • Buyers and readers arrive for different reasons.
  • This is about the buyers. We save them time. They trust advice.
  • They tell us what they need, we connect them to you.
  • A person here does that. Not, a robot!
  • We activate your business presence on our site.
  • The activations reach Prime Contractors and the public.
  • We activate a "FEATURED" mark on your business record.
  • Not all buyers search online.
  • We receive them in live chat, phone and email.
  • InnercityPop is Point of Presence for you.
  • Guaranteed service.  Renew after a referral made you money.


  • self-service ads you can change as often as you like.
  • be seen by Digital Black Boston network users.
  • we refer over$100,000 in opportunity each year.
  • for companies, organizations, and individuals.
  • All Business categories: cooks, lawyers, trade, plumbers, engineers,  etc. get action.